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Built into our custom surfboard design and construction process is an awareness to what makes surfing and building fun… experimentation, creativity, and freedom. That’s why for 15 years we have created new templates, adjusted contours, manipulated rails, and blended unique lines for each custom order.

From this rich experience in custom design, we have also developed a semi-customizable line of surfboards, to be fine-tuned for a variety of dimensions and aesthetics. We’ve provided an online surfboard customizer for you to discover and configure your next board. As always, we are here to help along the way!

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Custom Boards

Use the “Build Your Board” button below to select a model from a suite of board designs. Customize dimensions, logo, colors and finish (see our FAQs or contact us if you have questions).

If you need some inspiration, check out some of our popular configurations, and if you are truly inspired, and you want to fully-customize your own unique design, download and email back your custom order form (shortboard and longboard form below)!

Still not enough options?  Download our custom order forms and email back to us to take your board even further.

Popular Boards



“Haze Surfboards made a surprise board for my husband (Mark) after graduating Maritime Academy. Kiernan was so helpful throughout the whole process; especially because I wasn’t exactly sure what board or colors Mark would want. He asked me about his style of surfing and I told him what kind of boards he likes to ride and what colors I was thinking. Collaboratively we came up with some great ideas with a unique blend of design elements and custom color schemes. He designed and shaped the perfect longboard for Mark with Custom colors and graphics, and the shape is perfect. Shipping the board was easy even though I am on the East Coast. Mark absolutely loves the board, and it rides great!”

Allison Bischoff

“Kiernan and I grew up surfing together in New York and I have been riding the boards that he has shaped since the very beginning. I have taken Haze boards all over the world including Australia, Samoa, Fiji, Costa Rica, and all around the Caribbean. They constantly perform above my expectations. Recently I have settled down on the coast in Northern New England. While my board needs have changed Kiernan continues to step up and provide me with what I need to surf the constantly changing conditions.”

Nicc Johnson

“Asymmetrical surfboards… It’s hard to explain how you can go from struggling with something for so long and then get a board that immediately changes the way you surf, a hundred percent.... It’s almost hard to explain. It really is something that will expand your whole vision on surfing it changes the way that you think and approach everything.”

Roger Healy

"It's been awesome to work with Haze. Kiernan and Niki are down to earth people with not only a sincere desire to do good, but action oriented in their support of surfing playing a positive role in realizing social good. On numerous occasions over a period of years Kiernan has supported our nonprofit (among others). He's donated boards, shared a portion of profits and helped promote the WAVES mission in Peru and in the US. Having this level of generosity and commitment to helping others embedded in the DNA of a surf company is refreshing to say the least!"

Dave Aabo, WAVES for Development

"I just wanted to say how grateful I am for you making my board idea come to life. if you don't remember, it was what I called a glass bottom board. Sunset top and bottom tips with a hibiscus boarder and a blue green sea color in the middle. The bottom was blue sky and clouds. I remember people thinking I was crazy for the design and you even looked at me a little funny when I told you, but sure enough you made it happen and my friend was super impressed and loves it so much."

Kathleen Logan


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Please feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or neat ideas… I’d love to hear from you!